BAM Clough design and construct world-class marine facilities for major resource projects in Australia and South East Asia

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For over 50 years BAM Clough has combined access to worldwide resources, local project delivery expertise and an enduring commitment to excellence to deliver marine facilities for major resource projects on time, within budget and to the highest quality and safety standards.

The Joint Venture, formerly known as Harbourworks Clough, was formed between Royal Netherlands Harbourworks and Clough Limited in 1964, to provide marine facility design and construction services to the resources industry in the Pilbara.  Rebranded as BAM Clough, the Joint Venture today combines the extensive worldwide resources of two market leaders in marine facility engineering and construction. 

As one of Europe’s largest construction firms, BAM International provides access to a worldwide talent pool of experienced personnel and specialist construction equipment while Clough supplies extensive expertise in local project delivery, experienced local talent and knowledge of the Australian construction industry. Read more...

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Over our 45 year relationship BAM Clough have completed 12 major marine projects. Above is a small sample take from our photo gallery. Click on the photo to view a larger image or visit our photo gallery to view our full catalogue of project photos.

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