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When Clough entered into the Harbourworks Clough joint venture with Royal Netherlands Harbourworks in 1965, the rationale was to take advantage of opportunities associated with the Iron Ore boom in the Pilbara.

This coincided with the Australian government’s lifting of a ban on iron ore export. This ban had protected supplies of Australian ore for the local steel industry from before the Second World War. However newly defined ore deposits led to new export possibilities and the need for new harbour facilities.

Over 45 years on, this successful partnership has delivered 11 major marine construction projects. Today the focus of this relationship is very much on the future. Recently rebranded as BAM Clough this joint venture is currently delivering the PNG LNG Jetty in Papua New Guinea and is seeing more prospects associated with LNG and mineral projects than ever before.


BAM Clough Historical Timeline

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Barrow Island Oilfield Development, WA (1965)

Cape Lambert Iron Ore Marine Facility, WA (1970)

Port Stanvac Berthing Dolphins & Jetty Extension, SA (1973)

Port Bonython Wharf / Gas Liquids Terminal, SA (1982)

Santos Submarine Pipeline (1983)

Woodside Marine Structures Phase I (1983)


Woodside Marine Structures Phase II, WA (1985)

Kaltim Prima Coal Terminal, Indonesia (1991)

Woodside LNG Jetty - Train V Expansion, WA (2005)

Woodside Pluto LNG Jetty, WA (2007)

PNG LNG Jetty, Papua New Guinea (2010)

wheatstone jetty

Wheatstone LNG Product Loading Facility, WA (2012)


Ichthys LNG Module Offloading Facility, NT (2012)

Ichthys LNG Product Loading Facility, NT (2012)



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